5 Ozone Pilots in the Red Bull X-Alps 2007
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It’s not about winning.

For the pilots who participate in the X-Alps, the adventure is the reward. To be selected is an honor, and to participate is the experience of a lifetime.

The Red Bull X-Alps is an adventure paragliding race between a select group of top international athletes. Now in its 3rd edition, the X-Alps is widely considered to be one of the most challenging and intense adventure races in the world. The difficulties involved can only be fully appreciated by pilots, but can be imagined by anyone.

The athletes must either fly or hike non-stop from Krippenstein, Austria to Monaco, via 3 turn-points located in the middle of the highest and most hostile portions of the Alps. The race is day and night, without pause or rest, until the first pilot reaches Monaco. Pilots must walk hundreds of kilometers in all weather in light and dark, and fly into prevailing winds and through extremely difficult terrain. During the course of the competition, each athlete will experience their breaking point and the limit of their physical and mental endurance.

Crossing the Alps, lengthwise, is an amazing adventure no matter how you go about it. But doing so using only your mind and body, in flight and on foot, is an test that very few of us would endure. It takes years of flying experience, the accompanying skill, and the highest level of physical conditioning.

The 5 Ozone pilots featured on this site have been selected for the X-Alps competition, and we are proud to support them in their adventure through the Alps! Read about them here, and track them live on the RedBull site…

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