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Julien Wirtz’s Diary
Training holidays
2007-06-04 11:30:00

At the paragliding school Prevol in Saint Hilaire du Touvet (France), the season is well underway and all the instructors are really busy… apart from me. I have managed to escape a few times in order to train for the Red Bull X-Alps 2007 and am on leave for the next 10 days to do so. On the programme, running, hiking and flying… if the weather allows it ! My new Mantra M2 is great flying with but not waterproof !
More news when I’ll come back. In the meantime, some photos of my supporter and myself spending some time together in the Alps recently.

More rain in the Alps
2007-06-24 22:10:00

My holidays were not that great. I have not trained as much as I would have like as it was pouring like hell. I should have gone swimming ;-)
During the first few days as it was not really flyable, I’ve managed to walk a bit, discovered that walking along a road is definitely boaring especially when nice people stop next to you and offer you a lift in their car. Really difficult to say no !
Then, I was longing to get a bit of airtime but was not much more successful.
I’m back to work since last week now and there is a month to go before the beginning of the X-Alps. It seems either too far away or too early…

Evening flight
2007-06-28 22:24:00

This Thursday, after a good day of work in the Vercors and a hike to the Moucherotte, had a nice glide down to Grenoble where I live. Flying is so great…

Time to go
2007-07-18 00:13:00

Supporter and athlete, that is Adrien Vicier and myself, had an unexpected fun flight at St Hilaire du Touvet just before leaving for Austria. Preparations are over and everything is packed, we are ready to go and start !
Many thanks to our sponsors (Ozone, NSD, Petzl, Sup’Air, Aigle) and all our friends, see you out there.

Obertraun, Austria
2007-07-22 21:09:00

We arrived on Friday in Austria and since then we branded the glider, attended briefings and met the other teams. One weather forecast check to do and a night of rest before The Day.
Vivement le start maintenant !

1st day
2007-07-23 21:51:00

Too much wind at the take off so we had to climb down a via ferata (isn’t it the opposite normally). The view was really stunning.
Many, many thanks to Martin who lent us two karabiners.

1er jour
2007-07-23 22:33:00

Petit vol dans le vent et marche tardive de nuit

2nd day : crap weather…
2007-07-24 09:56:00

Bloody hell !

Après l’orage…
2007-07-26 00:35:00

Le séchage ! Ce mardi a été pourri mais demain ca ira mieux !

Enfin ca vole !
2007-07-26 00:47:00

Après les options foireuses et une attente indispensable au deco, le vol qui fait du bien au moral. Ps merci pour le soutien.

2007-07-26 20:17:00

Cette nuit on dort apres la marche de la nuit derniere !!!

2007-07-27 23:04:00

Pret pour la traversee des dolomites. Du monde au deco aujourd’hui.

Feet shit
2007-07-28 20:20:00

The right foot is too big. I try to put two different size of shoes. Next time I must fly better than a chicken.

Where is the beach?
2007-07-29 20:58:00

Le coin est joli mais la plage est un peu loin du camping. C’est le probleme des reservations sur le net.

2007-07-30 21:07:00

Aujourd’hui grosse fatigue bonnes douleurs (les jambes) mais bon demain ca va poudrer en vol. C’est pas un trail qu’on est venu faire.

Flying is good
2007-07-31 22:25:00

Bon c’est bon on a bien rempli les coffres forts suisses, on va rentrer en france, on va pas acheter du terrain finalement. Petit bonjour a tony et tino les fans du xalps qui suivent en camping car.

2007-08-01 22:11:00

Feu d’artifice a interlaken, les vacances se passent bien, les camarades sont gentils avec moi. Je commence a me languir un petit peu mais je reste sage.

2007-08-02 22:05:00

Un mot me vient a l’esprit : aie !!! Marre de la randonnee sur bitume. Je veux du thermique qui arrache le goudron des routes et pas du pour fillette en goguette comme dirait mon frangin. Sinon merci a tout le monde pour vos messages d’encouragements qui nous font super plaisir a adrien et a moi.

Top secret
2007-08-04 00:14:00

Je voulais encore un peu attendre mais tant pis voila mon arme secrete contre le mal au pied : la tongue pakistanaise.

Petit repas entre amis a cham
2007-08-06 21:51:00

Merci arnaud et marion pour le reconfort dans un moment de moins bien.

2007-08-07 22:22:00

A defaut d’etre a monaco on est au monaco.

2007-08-08 19:02:00

Feu a greolieres, un petit vol a l’isoard pour finir sur une touche esthetique merci encore a tous et faut que ca poudre.

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