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Dimitris Bourazanis’s Diary
Greek paragliding championship
2007-05-30 19:42:00

The first part of the Greek Paragliding Championship in the northwest Greece was a good opportunity for training and flying in one of the most beautiful terrain of Greece and Europe, Epirus region.
I flew and make it to goal 2 tasks of 30 something kilometers, the tasks were short because of the weather and includes overdevelopments, rain, strong winds lee side flying.
When wasn’t flyable it was the time for mountain running.
One of the routes I use is from Aoos river through the gorge to the summit of Tymfi mountain, then to Astraka refuge and from there to Papigo village (1600m ascent, 1000 decent, 3h10m).
This is a long, difficult and very beautiful route that I’m happy to made it.

the supporters view …
2007-06-26 16:44:00

I was thinking .. what a race and what an experience this must be.
And now it’s my time, I couldn’t imagine this 2 years ago that I would be a part of it and had to give the best of me.
I know Dimitri many years and I was always impressed from his stile and his mental power, not only as a pilot witch is very good, fearless and calm but in the mountain in general witch feels like home for him, always remember him running or mountain biking.
Unfortunately we didn’t have the time and even the money in order to visit the place and the path of the 2007 X-Alps and have an idea of what to expect …
I know that good preparation is the key for this event and we try the most in many ways in order to fill the gap of knowledge of the terrain of the Alps. I have stuck with Google Earth witch is a great tool, we study maps that we have or we have lent from friends and in general organizing the rest stuff .
I was in a paragliding competition in Drama – Greece FAI cat 2 event with Dimitri and a lot of people from the neighbor countries, there I meet Toma Coconea. I’m glad for this because he is a very nice and positive person, with his supporter we talk a little about the race of the races.
I’m getting ready for the big unknown and for this unique experience.

Manos Kyriakakis

A lot of days without writing the diary
2007-07-02 20:30:00

A lot of running every day, up to 30 km and two long hikes with 10 kg backpack.
The first mountain race for this summer was last Sunday (24 of June) and it was really a tough event and the last hard test before the X-Alps. I was at the start line of Olympus Marathon, a mountain running event that is taking place at Mt Olympus, the highest mountain of Greece.
470 competitors, 3100 m ascent in the paths of this mythical mountain.
The goal is to finish in a good shape in around 7 hours.
Before this I was in paragliding competition in Drama – Greece in an FAI category 2 event and part of the Greek paragliding championship with a lot of pilots from the Balkans and with special guests like Valic brothers.
I was at the 20th place of the 150 competitors until Saturday and I miss one task because of the Olympus Marathon, not bad for someone that is not really interested in competitions.
See you soon.
Burazanis Dimitris

2007-07-22 10:16:00

2007-07-22 10:21:00

Today is raining, maybe tomorow is a bit better but we do not expect any major improvement ….
To our friends in Greece dont forget to help us with the weather …

2007-07-23 06:31:00

Long walks
2007-07-26 01:54:00

After two difficult days, special yesterday with only walking and rain, today i manage a flight, not as long and far as i would like .. but the conditions were really hard ! after that flight … what else ? walking … with my blisters making it so hard , specialy at the begining of each walk. Now we are at Iselsberg and we hope of a better flight tomorrow from Lienz to the valley that leads closer to Marmolada …

2007-07-26 06:13:00

2007-07-27 11:33:00

2007-07-27 11:37:00

End of the race
2007-07-27 15:52:00

End of the race for us. Many bad decisions and two bad flying days in a row is bad for my psycology. Better to go and fly back in greece.

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