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Ulric Jessop’s Diary
Road walk with normal paragliding kit
2007-05-25 14:15:00

After an abortive flight at Col de Bleyne, involving soaring around under a grey sky and no thermals, bottom landed and walked home along the road by a roundabout route. Can’t wait to get my hands on some lighter kit!

Cycle ride
2007-05-26 15:00:00

Pleasant road circuit around the upper Esteron Valley. Downhill mountain bike perhaps not the ideal thing to be riding…

2007-07-23 09:20:00

Ok. Here we are at the start and it’s howling. A quick stroll over to the dachstein and them we’lL see

Day 1
2007-07-25 06:28:00

Got off to a good start today. A beautiful walk up the dachstein led to a wind-blasted launch, so it was off down the via ferrata. A bit of grass presented itself and the wind was a lot less in the shelter of the cable-car cables, so off we went. The flight was pretty much what you’d expect with 60 k on top. So here we are somewhere east of zell am wee

Day 2
2007-07-25 22:13:00

A cold front covered the entire region today, bringing storms, pouring rain, hail and showers of frogs. A long weary trudge up the grossglockner pass seemed a fitting accompaniment to the weather.

Day 3
2007-07-25 22:39:00

The day got off to a beautiful start with a lovely walk up to a possible launch. Fears about possible northerly föhn were quickly dispelled when i got there and i got airborne straight away. A climb straight to 3000m next to the gross glockner got the flight off to a great start, but it all went pear shaped as i tried to get into the swarzach valley. Undeterred, i climbed up again only to be rewarded with a fine top to bottom. I walked along the rest of the and bombed up the staller pass to try and get a last flight in, but arrived too late. So here we are.

Day 4
2007-07-28 09:11:00

Having spent the night at the staller pass, we found a lot of low cloud in the morning, so i just glided down and pushed on to a good looking launch upwind of a good line leading to the marmolada. A paraglider high above launch boded well and i took off confidently. 4 m/s sink straight to the deck! Scream! A good sulk was an appealing option, but i spotted a good reflight option on the map. So off i trotted up the next hill to a beautifully mown launch - liberally sprinkled with trees. Off i went through a tiny gap and climbed away. From above the dolomitic scenery was just stunning. I landed 12 km from the marmolada.

Day 5
2007-07-28 09:27:00

Walked up to the sella pass to launch before deciding to go from the pordoi pass instead. There was time for a quick nap before launching, but in the end my launch was badly delayed by horrible turbulence. Once off, i nipped over to the marmolada to collect the turn point. What a terrifyingly awesome place to fly! Flying towards bolzano, a mixture of spread out and a head wind but of on the ground.

Day 6
2007-07-31 11:48:00

Clambered up the southerly end of the rosengarten group in ominous weather. I took off as the launch threatened to become engulfed in clouds and ended up just before bolzano. After that it was a weary flog to merano.

Day 7
2007-08-01 05:29:00

Walked up the most easterly of the hills above merano. Conditions were good and progress was rapid until the way forward was blocked by shade and a strong head wind. After that, it was not far to the swiss border and our third country.

Day 8
2007-08-01 05:44:00

The forecast was pretty dire for today. However, the rain clouds parted as i walked, and i had a really lovely day’s walking over two passes into davos.

Day 9
2007-08-01 06:12:00

A disappointing day. It started well enough when i zapped straight up to 3000m as i launched, but went rapidly downhill when i failed to find any thermals in the next valley. Things were made worse, watching a perfect line of clouds appear and a whole load of gliders go over my head. I walked up to relaunch, only to find the wind was now blowing down the hill. I leapt off anyway with a vigorous run, and after a desperate tussle with a gully, made it back to base. I landed near flims in a howling valley wind.

Day 10
2007-08-06 11:07:00

Never has a day promised so much and delivered so little. Having got into a perfect position to take advantage of a good forecast in the upper rhine valley, we climbed up to launch in an optimistic frame of mind. But there were already a few ominous signs. To cut a long story short, we’d chosen a thermal free day to go flying. After a 3 hour wait, i gave in and flew down and set off towards the oberalp pass on foot. I finally picked my way down to andermatt in the dark, illuminated by firework displays in the valley

Day 11
2007-08-06 11:13:00

With a hideous forecast, it was time to walk. Up and over the susten pass in the rain, followed by a long flog to interlaken. At least i was round the eiger.

Day 12
2007-08-06 11:20:00

A hoped for clearing in the weather failed to materialize, and i headed along the road to kandersteg. When we finally made it, we found a beautiful.village set in a majestic setting.

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